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A community center aimed at uniting the youth of Grover Beach by providing a sense of place where an integration of knowledge and self expression is achieved. This is accomplished through visible and audible connections between the library and youth programs. The library and supporting programs wrap around a central gathering multi-use space, linking the differing styles of learning with community interaction. View from the library and computer lab punch into the central auditorium while also extending into the street and surrounding city.

Concept Model & Sketches:

Concept Development:

A sense of fluidity between spaces that become open and closed depending on the youths activities. The youth center and library provides the youth with comfortable nooks and work areas designed for social or anti-social interactions. The main auditorium / multipurpose space captures the eye from both the exterior as well as the interior. A uniform, cohesive envelope responds to its surroundings. As one transitions into and through the building, unique pockets of individuality create expressive and dynamic spaces.

Section Collage:


Floor Plans:

1/32 Model:

Physical Model:

Section Model:

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