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Collaboration with Studio 400; Katie Gray, Aaron Ly, Jack Gamboa, Gabi Oasis, Kelsi Doyle, Karolina Luckiewicz, Andrew Minnich, Nabila Sarkar, David Do, Ian Levenson, Ben Johnson, Ce c i l Green Jr , Michelle Amaris, Caroline Angell, Colleen Beckman, Regan Dyer, Harry Gutchinov, Lucas Kivimaki, Sophie de Christopher.

An installation of PVC pipe to showcase Studio 400’s thesis books.


Serving as a place of contemplation, Pipe Dream provides opportunities for intimate book reading and reflection. As participants move through the pavilion, their perspective moves between obscurity and clarity. The dense matrix of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes creates a forest-like screen to enclose the readers while inviting public interaction with the students books. LED lighting guides the occupants through the pavilion to the lighted chandeliers holding the students work. Areas of refuge allow for readers to comfortably sit and read before continuing through the forest of PVC. The construction of the installation allows for ease of transportation and assembly, as the material is lightweight and flat-packed. The modular, prefabricated kit of parts allows the project to be replicated and easily assembled.

Photography by Jack David Gamboa



Photography by Jack David Gamboa

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