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VANTAGE aims to memorialize a distinct time of fear in our collective history. Abandoned sea forts stand as grim reminders of the perils of war in the waters of the Nor th Sea outside London. Approached by boat the imposing grid blurs boundary and scale, horizon and land, water and sky. Visual dis-connection with land rearranges natural idiosyncrasies and biorhythms. Expressed within varying levels of constraints, programs drift creating a sense of dis-junction. Voids impose the doubling and redoubling of reflection through and around the monumental gun turrets. VANTAGE is confrontation of the authentic, delineated through time, tide, and weather; exposing conditions while concealing others


Section Render:

Detail Drawings:

Suspended on a series of paths. People circulate through the grid on a series of interlocked paths. These paths, function independently from the grid, anchored with tension cables and hydraulic pistons. The grid moves independently from the walkways, rising or falling with the tides. During the different conditions, one is either released into a more open experience, while the other compresses oneself into a suppressed space. This alters ones’ point of reference, while blurring the datums of the paths, horizon-lines, and relationship with the floating grid.

Physical Model:

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